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UltraTouch Insulation Support Rods

We carry the UltraTouch support rods for securing insulation panels to surfaces including walls, ceilings and attics, as well as in between joists, studs and anywhere insulation is required. Our insulation rods are available in 16” or 24” lengths with the flexibility and durability to secure insulation in place for years. These insulation rods are cut from carbon steel spring wire and the mitered tips secure insulation pads to studs, ducts and other surfaces. UltraTouch insulation rods provide the perfect hold for UltraTouch insulation and other types of batt insulation.

Our UltraTouch insulation support rods are strong, versatile and built to last! They provide the best hold for all types of batt insulations and install in seconds. Give us a call for more information or ask us for a Quick Quote.