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Recyled Polyester Core - Acoustic Panels

RePoCore Panels

RePoCore Acoustic Panels are 100% polyester with 60% recycled content. RePoCore Acoustic Panels are available in rigid, 1/2" (9.5 pcf) and 1" (6.0 pcf) thickness with NRC values of up to 0.75. The density of the panels offer a rigid surface that may be used as a tack board. RePoCore may be wrapped with acoustic fabric to enhance the quality and look of a Home Theater, Conference Room, Office, Gymnasium, and many more applications.


The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) represents the amount of sound energy absorbed by a surface where a value of zero (0) indicates perfect reflection and a value of one (1) indicates perfect absorption. Keep in mind, absorption does not imply sound is eliminated. Sound will pass through the panel. A product's NRC rating specifies the amount of sound that is not reflected. The methodology to measure NRC is specified by ASTM C423.

NRC is the arithmetic average of sound absorption at the frequencies listed in the table below. Values greater than one (1) may me attributed to the shape, thickness, and edge effects of the product tested.