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SoundAway Customer Testimonials

This page is dedicated to unsolicited, unedited testimonials from some of our customers who took the time to share their experience with SoundAway products and customer service. You will find most of these were originally posted on SoundAway's page. These are identified alongside each of the customer's name. Others were submitted in writing.

We are here to help you and look forward to sharing your testimonial. Click here to view a list of clients that trust SoundAway for all their soundproofing and acoustical requirements.

James G.
Barrington, IL
MLV barrier
I can't say enough about Sound Away and the outstanding service they provided during my soundproofing project. After quite a bit of research, I decided that Sound Away was the best company to help me with my project, and that's a decision that I'm very happy with. I needed eight rolls of Mass Loaded Vinyl. Not only was Sound Away's price very competitive, but when I called, I spoke directly with Alex, who handled everything quickly and professionally.

From the very beginning I was a happy customer. But what convinced me that I wanted to write a yelp review was when, through NO fault of Sound Away's, the freight company lost one of the rolls of MLV while it was in transit. As soon as the shipment showed up with only seven rolls instead of eight, I thought I was going to be in for a huge hassle. Luckily I called Alex at Sound Away before talking to the freight company, and he handled the whole thing for me. He used his contacts at the freight company to locate the missing roll and have it delivered to me on the very next business day. Problem solved!

I highly recommend Sound Away. Thanks Alex!
Harry F.
Pfaftown, NC
Road noise
Noxudol Damping Compound
I purchased an older '98 Dodge 4x4 truck to use around the Carolina Beach , NC area. My original intent was to sound proof the floorboards and behind the backseat of the truck. Upon removing the seats and carpet, discovered rust starting to buckle the paint along the edges by the doors and seating area. So I lightly sanded problem areas and vacuumed any loose material that came up. Then applied several coats of the Noxidol 3100 with a brush and paint roler over the whole thing, (even over the rusty spots with out priming). The product was easy to work into the nooks and cranies of the truck. I was able to re-coat within the hour and replace the new carpet and seats to complete the project. Road noise dampened, rust spots disappeared and back on the beach fishing the next day! Thanks Alex! Good stuff!
Kevin P.
Del Mar, CA
Isolated Ceiling,
impact noise
Alex was extremely helpful with the soundproofing of our condo ceiling. He was always willing to listen first and then provide a solution. I would highly recommend SoundAway Corporation for your soundproofing project.
B. R.
Corona, NY
Isolated Ceiling,
airborne and impact noise
We live in an apartment in NYC. We could hear our upstairs neighbor, walking around all hours of the night on their creaky floors, I swear, wearing hiking boots! We called Soundaway, and Bill helped us plan how to isolate the ceiling in our bedroom. He recommended materials for the different types of sound we were trying to block, helped us figure out the quantities we needed for our project, and was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Because we live on the east coast, he made the extra effort to find local distributors, which saved us money on shipping. It has been almost two months now, and we don't hear anything from upstairs anymore. Thanks to Bill and the team at Soundaway, we are finally able to get a good night's sleep!

Even if you are a DIYer and are intimidated (like we were) with this type of project, or don't know what to do for your specific situation, call them. They can help you! I can't recommend Soundaway enough!
John M.
Richmond, CA (Yelp)
Window Plug,
dogs barking
My name is john from the Bay area, and Honestly I've never been more happy with the Customer service and care with my products purchased from Sound Away, The Window Plugs purchased from Sound Away are perfect, now that neighbors dog doesn't bother me like it used to. I also plan on buying Green Glue from them, if you have no clue what that is, give them a call, it helps block low frequency from passing through your wall, they'll tell you all about it. These guys Are very knowledgeable and Care about all your questions and needs. If your looking for any sound blocking items, these are your guys, Bill and Alex are Awesome!
Bob D.
Manhattan, NY
SoundAway Mat,
Alex and Skip from Soundaway were very patient and most helpful for my situation with reducing much of the loud noise from neighbors. The two inch adhesive foam is an excellent product.

Soundaway Corporation has a wide range of experience and solutions.Thank you
Laith S.
Sunnyvale, CA
Window Plug,
backer board
We live on a noisy street, where there're loud trucks and Harley motorcycles waking us up throughout the night making difficult to get any sleep. Most of the noise was coming through the windows, so I build window plugs using 2" thick SoundAway Mat (closed cell foam) from SoundAway ( I would say about 70% of the noise is gone. The window plugs block about as much sound as the wall now, which is not perfect but a big improvement.

My windows are quite large (approx 3ft by 6ft), so I had to make a backer board to support the foam and stays in the window. I used a finished 1/4" plywood (added a little more sound proofing) and put handles on it, so it's easy to put in and out of the window. The project came out great. The plugs go in and out of the windows easily.

The support at SoundAway was excellent. The people there are very knowledgeable about sound proofing and are generous with their time. I'm now working on soundproofing the walls and a door, and working with the people at SoundAway has been a pleasure.
Nancy M.
Eustis, FL
Door Cover,
noisy parrots
I recently received my order of a door panel cover from Sound Away. I had many back and forth emails with Alex during the process, and he was always attentive and courteous.The cover is now in place and we're very pleased with the quality of workmanship and how effective it is. It is on the door of a room where we have 2 parrots. We have an elderly guest arriving on Monday so we received it just in time. It will make her stay much more pleasant, as well as keeping my husband from wanting to serve up barbecued parrot at our next dinner party.

I appreciate their time and attention in bringing more peace and quiet to our home.
Tom E.
Salt Lake City, UT
Door Cover,
The staff at SoundAway was able to help me with my sound problem and they can help you too. If you are looking for great soundproofing products for whatever your acoustical needs are, I suggest you check out their product line. Most importantly, you will be working with an honest company that is extremely knowledgeable in the field of acoustics and they will go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is fully satisfied. I now have a grand piano in a small condo and needed a door cover to keep the sound in. Not only could I hear the sound of my neighbors as they pass by the door, the piano could be heard all the way down the hall. Thick walls helped quiet the sound to adjoining units, but the door was the weak link for letting sound escape. Even quiet conversations would pass through the door in either direction. The staff at SoundAway listened carefully to me as I explained my situation, and then discussed some options. I had lots of questions concerning sizing, how to hang the cover on the door as I needed the heavier sound barrier, flammability rating, fabric choices, and what results to expect. They were quick to get back to me with any question for my custom made order. After looking at all my alternatives, I decided to purchase my door cover from SoundAway and glad I did. I am fully satisfied with the door cover as it not only looks great; it also performs as it was designed to. Most noise from either side of the door is not heard to include the radio, TV, and voices. I do not hear any hall noise at all from inside my area now. If in the hall when the piano is being played, the noise level has been reduced considerably. Of course the sound of a full size grand piano being played will carry, but it no longer can be easily heard as it was before - even near the door. They worked with me for the best solution to quiet the sound of a loud instrument from passing through the entrance door. My next step is to add some wall tiles from SoundAway to help the inner acoustics and tone. And did I mention how great the staff is to work with? See for yourself and give them a call at 866.768.6381, or visit
John H.
San Marcos, CA
Window Cover,
low frequency noise from nightclub.
Thanks to nearby Club Tropics, we get to experience sub-bass vibrations that come through our windows (it's absolutely unbelievable how loud the thumping is 5 nights a week starting around 10-10:30 pm and going until 2:00 am). After dealing with the club GM - who seemed to actually care about our bass noise problem - nothing actually changed much. That's when I spent time researching sound proofing concepts and companies.

After finding SoundAway and speaking with Alex, we came up with a foam panel + plywood backing window plug concept. At first it seemed to reduce bass sound by about 20-25%, which was a vast improvement, but after a few weeks the sun started to bake the foam panels and damaging them (extreme heat was generated between the window panes and the panels). After contacting Alex at SoundAway, he came up with another solution at no additional cost to us. The new padded sound blocking panels that he special ordered are up - replacing the foam panels - and the bass sound levels have now been reduced by about 30-35%. This is a level that allows my wife and I to fall asleep much easier at night.

Alex and SoundAway actually CARE about their customers, and work closely with them to insure that a solution to their sound problems is found. I really appreciate working with such a great company, and if I need any sound proofing solutions in the future, I will not hesitate to contact Alex at SoundAway. Highly recommend this company for any sound proofing solutions.
Peter E.
Berkeley, CA
acoustical sound absorber
UltraTouch performance is outstanding. I was able to get a painting studio down to THX numbers.
Las Vegas, NV
Window Plug,
traffic noise
Just a quick note to tell you how extremely satisfied I am with your product (2" SoundAway Mat) and service. The foam is extremely effective at blocking noise ("I would say definitely 80%") and light, and your professional attention and speedy were superlative.