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Acoustic Insulation Products

Our sound-control insulation is designed to provide powerful noise reduction as well as energy efficiency. The fire-resistant acoustic-insulation products we provide have been hand-selected for superior quality and the ability to be installed with ease. Perfect for insulating walls, ceilings and attics, as well as wrapping noisy pipes and ductwork, our soundproof insulation is designed to not only deliver fire protection and noise reduction but also prevent the accumulation of molds and bacteria in the event of exposure to the elements.

SoundAway is here to assist you in making your selection. Prepared with many years of knowledge, we are well equipped to help you find exactly what you need. Contact us today!

Acoustic Benefits

  • Superior noise reduction between rooms
  • Improved Sound Transmission Class
  • Effectively traps, isolates and controls sound

Thermal Benefits

  • Improves heating and cooling efficiency, resulting in energy and cost savings

Standard Applications

  • Pipe wrap
  • Ductwork
  • Enclosure lining
  • Pipe insulation
  • Walls