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FireFlex Wedges

FireFlex wedges are fire-rated noise absorbers made from an open-cell melamine foam. FireFlex wedges are ideal for buildings requiring Class 1 materials, meaning they are able to resist the spread of fire as effectively as brick or cement.These fire-resistant acoustic panels are heat-resistant to 482°F and able to withstand constant temperatures of up to 320°F. FireFlex acoustic foams are also available in pyramids, hanging baffles, and FabTec fabric-covered wall panels.

Fire Safe
FireFlex is engineered for environments where temperatures are high, sparks or other hot materials may fly, large numbers of people congregate, or high-technology products are used. Their Class 1 fire rating means that fire has a difficult time spreading over these acoustical foam wedges, just as it struggles to spread over concrete or brick, slowing the progression of the flames and ensuring a safer environment in the event of an accident.

Peak Performance
FireFlex is made from a special lightweight open-cell acoustic melamine foam. The internal material structure consists of a low-density, spacious, flexible web offering a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC), making these noise-reducing panels as effective as similar cloth- and textile-based wall panels, just with a much higher fire rating. They offer effective sound quality control by reducing lingering echoes and reverberations, making it easier to understand speech and quieting the space.