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FireFlex Pyramids

FireFlex pyramids are fire-rated noise absorbers made from an open-cell melamine foam. FireFlex Pyramids are ideal for buildings requiring Class 1 materials. FireFlex acoustic foams are available in wedges, pyramids, hanging baffles, and FabTec fabric-covered wall panels.

Fire Safe
FireFlex is engineered for environments where temperatures are high, sparks or other hot materials may fly, large numbers of people congregate, or high-technology products are used. Heat-resistant to 482°F and able to withstand constant temperatures of up to 320°F, this sound-absorbing foam can handle extreme conditions. FireFlex is an excellent option for noise reduction in commercial kitchens, loud mechanic garages, or any room with flying sparks or open flames.

Peak Performance
FireFlex is made from a special lightweight open-cell acoustic melamine foam. The internal material structure consists of a low-density, spacious, flexible web offering a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC). The unique shape of FireFlex pyramids allows them to combine to absorb echoes within a space, collapsing perimeter background noise to deliver greater clarity to original sound. This makes them an ideal acoustical solution for studios and offices looking to meet Class 1 fire rating requirements.