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Custom Door Cover and Acoustical Noise Barrier

Sound escapes or enters a room through the weakest point. Doors, like windows, are considered the least effective surface in a room to block sound. Hollow doors coupled with gaps around the frame allow a significant amount of the sound to leave or enter the room. An acoustical liner decouples the Custom Door Cover and added mass increases the Sound Transmission Class (STC) of the door.
Product Description:

Custom Noise Barrier Door CoverA Custom Door Cover and Acoustical Noise Barrier consists of mass loaded vinyl (MLV 1#) barrier embedded between layers of sound absorbing material and finished in a fire-rated vinyl facing. The acoustical absorbers serve to decouple the MLV barrier from the door and to reduce reflections on the room-facing side of the Custom Door Cover.

Installation is as simple as applying strips of self-adhesive velcro on the door and then attaching the Custom Acoustical Door Cover over the velcro sewn on the back. Cut outs for the door handle and hinges are included along with an overlap that extends beyond the door frame to prevent noise leaks. An attractive, vinyl-coated, quilted cover adds a finishing touch to the soundproof door cover.

  • Class A (or 1) Flammability, per ASTM E84
  • 29 STC, Sound Transmission Class
  • Easy to install with Hook and Loop (velcro)
  • Available in Gray, Tan, Black, or White vinyl facing
  • Custom-fit with cut outs for door handle and hinges
  • All Door Covers are custom-made
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Custom Door Cover