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Lead Barrier 1# or 2#

Lead Barrier Soundproofing Fabric

At SoundAway, our lead soundproofing rolls are perfect for soundproofing rooms of all sizes & provide protection from low levels of radiation. We have MLV sound barrier fabric in 1 pound per square foot density with a STC rating of 26 and our Lead Barrier Plus comes in 2 pounds per square foot density with an STC rating of 33. The thick, dense material lowers sound transmission from inside and outside the room across a wide range of frequencies. Lead barrier soundproofing allows any room to transform into a soundproof studio perfect for a wide range of applications.

Lead barrier soundproofing is versatile enough to fit into any tight space, installs in minutes, and is built to last a lifetime. Shop our selection of lead sound barrier fabrics now to find the right solution for your home or office and enjoy our affordable prices with fast shipping on all orders.

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  • Recording Studios
  • Home Theater
  • Radiation Protection
  • Privacy Rooms
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