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Sound Control Blankets are also referred to as sound curtains, noise blankets, and noise curtains. They all share in common a mass loaded vinyl, MLV, embedded layer along with acoustical sound absorbing fiberglass. A standard vinyl facing is available in Gray, Black, Tan, and White for all indoor applications. An optional outdoor-rated vinyl facing is also available in Gray or Tan.

The Sound Control Blankets are custom made to fit the application offering a modular, durable, and effective solution to reduce noise. Grommets may be added on one or more sides to simplify installation.

Indoor Applications

  • Custom Door Cover
  • Custom Window Cover
  • Equipment enclosures
  • Generators

Outdoor Applications

  • Construction site barrier
  • Fence noise barrier
  • Tennis courts
  • A/C unit enclosure
  • Pool pump enclosure
  • Compressors
  • Recycling Centers

SoundAway Sound Control BlanketsSoundAway Sound Control Blankets
SoundAway Sound Control Blankets

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Quiescent Sound Control Blankets
Sound Control Blankets reduce noise by combining either acoustic material, mass, or both. The Sound Control Blankets typically include grommets and optional Hook and Loop (velcro) to seal overlapping vertical seams.