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FireFlex Baffles

FireFlex baffles and panels that hang from the ceiling and are made from open-cell melamine foam. They work to improve sound quality in a room by absorbing reverb and echoes, reducing noise and clarifying speech. FireFlex baffles and other acoustic products are ideal for buildings requiring Class 1 materials. FireFlex acoustic foams are also available in wedges, pyramids, and FabTec fabric-covered wall panels.

Fire Safe
FireFlex is engineered for environments where temperatures are high, sparks or other hot materials may fly, large numbers of people congregate, or high-technology products are used. FireFlex baffles also provide excellent noise reduction in offices and auditoriums, where a fire is unlikely to occur but safety is still a high priority. When installing baffles, be sure to give them some space away from any sprinklers so they do not block the flow of water in case of a fire.

Peak Performance
FireFlex is made from a special lightweight open-cell acoustic melamine foam. The internal material structure of this sound-absorbing foam consists of a low-density, spacious, flexible web, offering a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC).