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A simple solution to block noise entering through a window.

Use our 2" thick SoundAway Mat to create a Window Plug.

What is a Window Plug? Well, think of it as a sound sponge designed to block, reflect, and absorb sound. Our Window Plug is made from a moisture-resistant, 2" thick, black, closed-cell foam. Simply measure your window, cut the Mat approximately 1-1/2" greater than the width, 1-1/2" greater than the length, and squeeze it into the window frame. An air-tight fit will offer the greatest relief from traffic noise, noisy neighbors, and many other unwanted sound.

What size do I purchase?

Window Plug Quick Quote RequestMeasure the width and length of your window opening from the inside of your room. If you need help in determining how many feet of 2" SoundAway Mat you'll need then provide us the dimensions and get a Quick Quote. We'll take your window measurements and tell you how many feet of Mat you need.

Large windows

For windows that are greater than 3' in either width or height, refer to the installation instructions outlining the use of a backer board. Click to learn more...

For information on soundproofing doors, take a look at an easy-to-install, highly effective, removable noise barrier: Custom Acoustical Door Cover

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Soundproofing closed cell foam mat 2" SoundAway Mat, Closed Cell Foam 4' wide, price per lineal foot

SoundAway Mat is a high density, soundproofing closed cell foam designed to block and absorb sound.

Our Price: $32.00
Insul-Knife and Accusharp tool sharpener Insul-Knife and Accusharp Kit

Insul-Knife is a time-saving tool that easily cuts through UltraTouch Denim insulation, fiberglass insulation, closed cell foam, pipe insulation, and acoustical foam. Kit includes one each Insul-Knife and Sharpener

Our Price: $52.95